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Babs Ryan

author of

America’s Corporate Brain Drain

Why we leave, Where we go, How we can reverse the flow


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September 9, 2008 


Thank you to each of you who attended, to make this a full house! 


Photos by Maureen Sak

Barbara's Bookstore


Introduction from Helen Kopec


Babs makes a point


Signing a book for Sue Terenzio, entrepreneur


Answering audience questions


Signing for Jay Williams, private investigator


Babs (center) with former GE staff April Vega & Deb Young

September 5, 2008

Barry interviews Babs Ryan: 

Big, small, or smallest business—which is craziest?

barry j. moltz

business insanity show

TV Appearance, WPWR My50 Chicago

October 5, 2008


Babs Ryan speaks about the economic crisis and what that means for the “man on the side street” on Perspective, the weekly public affairs program, hosted by Monique Caradine.  Channel 8 on Comcast Chicago and RCN Chicago

Radio Show



The Wealth Spa Radio Show

“Best Way to Finance Your Business in Tough Times”

October 22, 2008


Show host Elizabeth Potts Weinstein invites Babs Ryan, big-business escapee and author of the new business book “America’s Corporate Brain Drain,” to share how financing a business has changed recently, loan misconceptions and top 3 reasons for small-business failure.








Babs Ryan spoke about how we can change the world from Chicago with innovation

Organization of Women in International Trade

November 12, 2008



Watch it on

Topic:  The best ideas in the world come from….

America.  Where innovation was king. In fashion, cars, electronics, architecture, TV shows, international trade, teamwork, and business management, America is usually runner-up." Forty-one percent of U.S. patents have a foreign inventor or co-inventor listed.

Babs Ryan, a global consumer trends forecaster and product developer who has traveled in 78 countries, says, "Americans are moving forward with Toyota and connecting with Nokia. Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are seizing the lead in innovation."  

This is good news for some Americans.  Are you one of them?  Are you in the right place at the right time to grasp the dragon’s tail?  Can the U.S. regain its leadership position, and, if so, how can you be part of it?  Ryan will show how we can “change” the world from our corner with international innovation.

Read Babs’ opinion on the Chicago Olympics bid here

America’s Corporate Brain Drain

Some upcoming and recent speaking events include:

· Western Union EMEASA Summit, Loipersberg, Austria

· Business Development Center Forum, Amman, Jordan

· Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University,               MOSAIC global diversity in business

· Let’s Expatriate, Chicago Public Library, main auditorium

· University of Chicago Booth School of Business

· Treasury Management Association

· Technology Leaders of America

Corporate presentations have included GE, American Express, Sears, Chase, Home Depot, Gap, Weight Watchers, Wells Fargo, Wal-Mart, JCPenney, Standard Chartered, Ford Motor Company, Fisher-Price


Pitching Brain Drain at Printers Row Book Fair 2008

in the Illinois Women’s Press Association tent


Midwest Adventure Travel Group


Babs Ryan reveals 23 travel experiences for your bucket list

Printers Row Book Fair



Babs Ryan