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Job risk is relative:  As chief marketing officer for Kawasaki Motors UK, Babs Ryan exceeds 150mph (240kph) on a Kawasaki Ninja 900 on the Grand Prix circuit at Salzburgring, Austria at a European press test launch

Babs Ryan has successfully boomeranged from senior leadership roles in Fortune 100 companies (GE Capital division head of new product development, Citibank VP of business development), chief marketing officer at Kawasaki Motors UK, and top directorships in blue chip advertising agencies to small-business owner with clients in more than 200 countries.

Babs has traveled in 81 countries including Pakistan (North West Frontier Province), Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Syria, Myanmar (Burma), India (including Kashmir), Oman, Lebanon, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, and worked abroad for 11 years.

She has seven U.S. patent applications. As founder and president of Sparks Worldwide LLC, she helps multinational corporations bloom by forecasting global trends and translating those trends into improved, patentable products and relevant business solutions.

Citibank transferred her to their UK mortgage division in 1991 to reverse the mortgage crisis (very similar to ours in the U.S.), where she developed strategies and programs for preventing/slowing foreclosures, minimizing bank write-offs, and creating new lending growth. One of her programs, offering free unemployment insurance with every mortgage, drove substantial new mortgage volume in a depressed market and created increased profitability for both Citibank and the insurance underwriters.

She has worked with Ford Motor Co., General Motors, AT&T, Allergan (Botox Cosmetic), American Express, Corning, De Beers Diamond Mines, Eli Lilly, Fisher-Price, Hearst Publishing, Home Depot, J. Walter Thompson, IBM, MasterCard, Mont Blanc, Procter & Gamble, Sears, ShopRite, Walmart, and Western Union.

Her best-selling business book America’s Corporate Brain Drain (August 2008) presented solutions for the restructuring of U.S. companies to compete globally, innovate, and attract/retain the best talent.

This Massachusetts native has a master’s degree in international business from Thunderbird. Her interests include Taekwondo (black belt), SCUBA, and alpine ski racing (Masters level).  She is founder and former president of the Chicago Motorcycle Meetup (180 members), is a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and has been a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City and for Jordanian women entrepreneurs through Thunderbird SEEDS and the Business Development Center of Jordan.

Babs Ryan

author of

America’s Corporate Brain Drain

Why we leave, Where we go, How we can reverse the flow


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The Author

Babs Ryan

What people are saying about


“Babs produced one of the very few success stories in a tough economic environment.”


Jeff Goodwin,

Citibank UK Ltd.

Head of Financial Services Division

“Babs is probably the most creative,

widely experienced marketer at GECS.”

Mukund Sheorey

GE Capital, Senior Vice President

“Babs is a ‘can-do’ woman.”

Jeff Bell

Ford Motor Company—Spain

Managing Director

“Babs found the spark of inspiration

in developing business strategies

for top corporations ranging

from cars to telecommunications,

from diamonds to toys. 

She also shepherded a range of innovations

to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.”

Working Woman magazine

“Leaders and Achievers Who Make a Difference”

“She’s got a unique and engaging way

of telling a story to analyze and present the facts—

she makes ideas come alive. 

Babs understands business and businesspeople.”

Gail Galuppo

Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

Group Head, Credit Cards

“Babs Ryan is a giving person and

a genuine Thought Leader.

If you are looking for innovation

and want to move from a transaction

to true customer "Interaction",

then I would turn to Babs Ryan .”

Rob Peters

Director - Business Development

Banking & Cards Practice

Capgemini Financial Services USA


“I really enjoyed watching you

stir up the group’s passion

with your provocative and

fantastically real stimulus—

people catching each others’ eyes and nodding,

writing notes, and really getting

excited and challenged.”

Liz Evenden

?What If! The Innovation Company, UK

“Babs Ryan is a rattle-your-cage,

thought-provoking author,

outstanding presenter,

insightful businesswomen, and brilliant marketer.”

Angela DiBartolo

LLKFB Direct Communications

President, 2003

“Your presentation--we all thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Maureen Sanderson

Organization of Women in International Trade

“ The presentation was unexpectedly productive. I found Babs, the speaker, very experienced and apparently well-informed on the topic at hand. Her initial promise was she would tell the truth, put up all the red flags, so that members of the audience would have an unembellished, frank view of the topic. It was worth my time, worth my trouble to get there, and the little repast we had afterwards was delicious! Kudos to the organizers!”


Let’s Expatriate Group

“I continue to get people telling me how much they enjoyed your message, Babs.  A real wake-up call.  I wish you hadn’t set such a high standard for future meetings!”


Technology Leaders Association